• Nature Photonics Publication
    Nature Photonics Publication

    Nature Photonics, published a scientific article co-authorized by Bruno Amorim, Assistant Researcher at the Physics Center.
    Congratulations on our researcher's participation in this article, which was published in a reputable journal with an impact factor of 31.58.

  • Feliz Natal
    Feliz Natal



    The Centro de Física das Universidades do Minho e do Porto (CF-UM-UP) began in 2014 and comprises the Centro de Física da Universidade do Minho (CFUM) and the Centro de Física do Porto (CFP), two formerly existing research units, recognised and evaluated by the FCT...

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  • CFUM

    CFUM was founded in 1994 and recognized by the FCT in 2003, as a research unit with a multi-disciplinary scientific profile, encompassing both theoretical research and modelling and experimental research and development activities. CFUM is strongly involved in interdisciplinary R&D activities and the team includes Physicists, Materials Scientists, Mathematicians, and specialists in Optics (including that of human eye) and Optometry.

  • CFUM

    CFUM is strongly involved in interdisciplinary research and runs joint research projects with colleagues in Chemistry and Biology as well as with several research centres of the School of Engineering.

  • CFP

    CFP is a relatively small research centre based at the Department of Physics of the School of Sciences of Porto University. It is fully devoted to research in theoretical physics, in the broad area of Quantum Physics and Fields in High Energy and Condensed Matter, exploring synergies between theorists of different fields. It was founded in 1994 and recognised by the FCT in 1997.